Indiana University Bloomington

Ph.D. Minor in Critical Theory

The Center offers a Ph.D. Minor in Critical Theory, open to all graduate students at Indiana University. The minor permits students to focus on an intensive study of foundational questions that animate the work of scholars in the humanities and adjoining fields. For example: What is the logic of historical thinking? What characterizes interpretation? What role does truth play in humanistic work? Questions such as these touch every discipline in the humanities, yet they stand at the center of none. They have given shape to every aspect of the Center's work, drawing in faculty and graduate students from more than a dozen different departments in the College, as well as scholars in other schools on campus.

The Ph. D. Minor in Criticial Theory gives students the opportunity to bring together the ample resources on this campus into a coherent program of study. The minor combines courses offered through the Center, relevant departmental courses (with the prior approval of the Center's director), as well as work done in the Center's reading group (in the form of independent-study credit). If you have questions about the minor, please contact the director, Michel Chaouli.

Requirements for the Ph.D. Minor in Critical Theory

• A minimum of twelve credit hours in graduate courses.
• At least six credit hours (two courses) must be earned by enrolling in Center courses (T500 or T600); credit from independent study ordinarily does not satisfy this requirement.
• The remaining credit hours may be earned by enrolling in Center courses (with a maximum of three credit hours of T700) or in departmental courses, which must be approved ad hoc by the Center director.