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Neoliberalism: Foundations and Critique

Neoliberalism has become a term so overused that it risks losing all meaning. In Fall 2020, the Theory Center devotes itself to a sustained investigation of neoliberalism’s conceptual and historical origins, its ambitions and its utopian desires. We also explore the critiques that have been advanced in response to neoliberal politico-economic theory and practice. The Center reading group begins by reading excerpts from foundational neoliberal thinkers. We then submit neoliberal thought and practice to scrutiny by delving into its genealogy. We examine topics such as debt and indebtedness, democracy, extraction, political theology, race, policing, and mass incarceration, among others.

This term, three invited speakers lend fresh insights to our discussion. Sandro Mezzadra, Verónica Gago, and Gabriel Rockhill rank among today’s most acute critics of neoliberalism. Finally, next February, Wendy Brown, arguably the most prominent scholar of neoliberalism, joins us for a lecture and discussion.

All Center events are open to the public.

Verónica Gago Speaks on Neoliberalism and Feminism

Verónica Gago of the University of Buenos Aires joins us to examine the relationship between feminist insurrectionary movements and the mutating powers of liberalism. Her point of departure is the history of neoliberalism in Latin America, which was, she reminds us, violent from the beginning. A brief presentation is followed by a discussion. Friday, Oct. 30, 2 pm. More ->



Center Events Go Online

For the time being, the Center reading group meets online. Please see here for details. The same goes for the lectures by our invited guests.

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